Sunday, December 20, 2009


Sorry for the lack of new posts lately! I wanted to give a quick update on two big projects that we've been talking about since Day 1 of this blog- Complete Streets and Tree City USA status.

First, I'm pleased to report that the Tree Care/Board ordinance required for Tree City USA status has been introduced to the City Council and will be refined at the worksession on January 18th. The plan is to have this wrapped up fairly quickly so Crystal City will be able to adopt an Arbor Day proclamation and provide for a community forest program in the next budget. That will complete the Tree City USA requirements and allow for Crystal City to apply for Tree City status after the start of the next budget year in April.

Second, a few months ago after a presentation from our friends at Trailnet, the City Council decided that a Complete Streets policy is worth pursuing and accepted our offer of assistance toward that goal. Having assembled a great working group and collaborating with them, we have nearly completed the final draft of a Complete Streets policy to be presented to the council. We hope to be able to present the Complete Streets policy at the same worksession as the Tree Care/Board ordinance. Again we hope for an aggressive, but workable timetable and hope to have work on this project completed by March/April along with the Tree City program.

Positive things are on the horizon for Crystal City!

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