Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Train Trestle Over Truman: Time for an Upgrade

As every resident of Crystal City has seen countless times, the raised railroad crossing over Truman Blvd is a true eyesore.  From the dirty concrete pillars supporting it to the rusted steel encasing it, this trestle is a true problem for Crystal City's image.

Here is the trestle today:

I think we can all agree- an upgrade is desperately needed.

A perfect example of what could be done comes from our neighbors to the North, Maplewood!  This image is of the Metro line as it crosses Manchester Ave:

The bridge retains its function while being visually pleasing and letting motorists know that they are in Maplewood.  The "Maplewood" sign itself is crafted with a fun design and is backward on the other side so as to be read in your rear-view mirror.

Even if money for a more decorative sign like Maplewood's couldn't be found, surely Crystal City could partner with the railroad to clean up the overpass, put on new coat of paint (not necessarily silver) and also paint "Crystal City" on each side?  Even a basic cleanup would be an excellent beginning to a larger effort to bring Truman Blvd up to modern standards!  Maybe next we could see some sidewalks and trees?

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